Dancer - Choreographer

"The body says what words cannot"  Martha Graham



Throughout her experience at Point Park University, she has had the opportunity to train and perform under the guidance of many prestigious and incredible choreographers.


In 2013 she worked with Red City Live Entertainment as a dancer/choreographer and performed with Express Burlesque. Through that experience, many doors have opened in her career.


Elisa was given an incredible opportunity to start her very own modern dance company for Off The Wall Performaning Arts Center called, fireWALL Dance Theater. Over the past year, Elisa has choreographed curated, and performed in three full-length dance productions for fireWALL: On the Rox, Uproar, and Perspectives(as). She is in the midst of creating her fourth creation for fireWALL entitled, Admission, which premiers May 2015.


The professionalism and support given by Off The Wall has motivated Elisa to reach out and explore the talent and arts here in Pittsburgh, where she is also a faculty member with Millennium Dance Complex.



© Elisa-Marie Alaio 2018

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