Elisa-Marie Alaio is a name synonymous with creativity and beautiful choreography. As a competition dancer growing up in New York, Elisa was exposed to many forms of dance from a young age. She could often be found at local studios, absorbing new styles and techniques. .

fireWALL dance theater is privileged to have Elisa’s expertise when it comes to choreography. Her unique story-telling approach makes every dance piece relatable for the audience. Elisa is a firm believer that a woman’s beauty and sex appeal should come through on stage. To her, dance is a tool to empower women and help them embrace and express their own sensuality.

Elisa’s vibrant, attention-getting personality is reflected in her energetic, creative choreography, and her in-charge manner makes her a natural leader for fireWALL dance theater.



Elisa still expects the best from the entire dance company, but she has softened her edges a bit since childhood. When she was only three years old, Elisa’s dance class was scheduled to perform for the parentsIF all the dancers behaved in practice. When one young dancer failed to follow the rules, the entire class lost that privilege. Angered and in-charge, Elisa promptly reprimanded the unruly classmate with a quick smack! Unfortunately, the parents still didn’t get to see the performance.



Elisa’s dance took her to Germany on two separate occasions, where she competed and received a gold medal for group dance and the silver medal for a duet performance at the World Dance Championship.


© Elisa-Marie Alaio 2018

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